Maroon Bells, Aspen-Snowmass Wilderness, CO – 8/14 – 8/15/2015

maroon bells at sunrise

maroon bells milky way photo2

independence pass1

fishing 1

Spent last weekend adventuring around Central Colorado, chasing mountain scenes that I had dreamed up many a time before.  On Friday night I made it to the Maroon Bells, just outside Aspen, to photograph/time-lapse the Milky Way,  The conditions were perfect.  Extremely dark skies due to the new moon, and minimal cloud cover.  I setup my time-lapse rig at 10:30pm and filmed until 3:00am.  I am quite happy with the outcome of the time-lapse, but feel the single photo could have come out much better.  My foreground is noisey and I have learned some valuable lessons on how to make this capture more crisp.  After my Milky Way shoot, I went and napped in my car for an hour to await the sunrise.  The sunrise over the Maroon Bells is something you must catch.  The mountain ignites with a fiery red, and a pristine reflection appears on the glass like lake.  I spent the day hiking in the wilderness area and took another time-lapse at Crater Lake.  This was such a rewarding trip, I can’t wait to go again when the falls colors present themselves.  Hope you enjoy, and as always, thanks for visiting. -Randy

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