Crystal Mill, Colorado – 10/3-10/4/15

Crystal Mill 1 Lizard Lake 1 Ninja on Crystal River Pocket of gold Aspen Valley Snowy Peaks On the edge 2 Snowy Peaks 2 Sunrise Gore Range Sunrise on Gore Range 2 Waterfall

Had an amazing weekend hiking around Crystal Mill, just outside of Crystal, CO.  I try to make it to this area at least once a year, and was very happy with the timing on this trip.  The trip starts by heading to Lizard Lake from Marble, CO.  This is only a 1.5 mile drive, but the road is very rocky and requires a high clearance, 4×4 vehicle.  Lizard Lake is such a gem.  It is surrounded by beautiful pine trees and ridges full of aspens.  This time of year really showcases the neon gold the aspens are well known for.  The lake hosts a large population of native rainbow and brown trout, which you can see feeding during the morning and evening hours.  I decided to hike from Lizard Lake to Crystal Mill, which is about 4.5 miles each way.  The road is rocky and is quite popular with off road vehicles. The mill itself is something out of a painting.  Perfectly placed on the edge of the Crystal river, it was originally an air compression station to power the machinery for silver mining back in the 1809’s.  The water runs a beautiful turquoise color and mists beautifully when cascading down the small waterfall.  Really happy to have made this part of my yearly routine, I always seem to learn something new every time I make it out there.  Thanks for looking. -Randy

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